Covenant Family

We believe and treasure the covenantal gospel of Jesus Christ—and you’ll hear us talk about it a lot. We’re amazed at the love God has demonstrated for us through the death of Jesus Christ in our place. We want to continually grow in our amazement at God’s grace. This is what brings us together as a family. And this is the truth we want to have always at the center of our lives.

We find our direction as a church and as individuals in God’s Word, where the truth of the gospel and its implications for our lives are revealed. We believe the Holy Scriptures are inspired by God, completely true and without error, and absolutely trustworthy and authoritative. This is why solid, biblical preaching and teaching is such a priority at Grace Covenant. We want all our members—from the youngest to the oldest—to be growing in the knowledge of God’s Word. We want to see His gifts at work among us, building each other up and bringing glory to God.

We’re committed to vibrant relationships and “doing life together” as a church family. We see in Scripture a clear call to be growing in fellowship and rich, God-centered relationships. We like to be known as a very friendly church, who treasures the Word of God.

The message of Jesus Christ is a precious gift that we have to share with others—because God’s Word commands it and because we can’t hide the joy we’ve received. And as we faithfully share the good news of God’s love with friends and neighbors, God draws people to Himself, and our family grows together in Christ.